Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st day to SEAL ..HOOT~ friends from Seal ..
perhaps u dont know me ..
but i think it's doesnt matter >.<
so u guys..isnt it ? 

Well it’s enough for me ..for beeing waiting one day to download and patching those seal"s stuffs..

Wow..tat's a lot!!
SEAL's online USA is so big it's size..
it is 1.78GB..with a 180 version..
far over more than my country's seal online..
my country's server is going with a Few elements @@..
so tats why i am chooing YMK..

i prefer an international game server..
with a high reputation company ..
and with a high Quality players .. ( i am saying you! >.<)

So i hope to get much more fun from here..
so you guy dont bully me >.< this is very important for a newbie>.< it means i had to wait more about 6 wait for the maintanance?
unfortunately the answer is yes..

so nvm its ok ..

and i will begin my adventure in soon ..

so please miss me ..and wait me ..i am going with you ..
and i hope eveything will be fine =)

and sorry for my bad english..>.<
if you wanted to have a link with me ..
please tell me =)

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Welcome to Seal USA... Be Patient for long maintenance... Visit my website too if u want to have link bye..


link you..have a nice day=)


lol, bad luck
so rare maintenance at this time -_-
and welcome :D


why use anonymous?..
so bad i cant know u >.<


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